New Design Related Sites This Week

Mutual Design Playground

Mutual Design Playground is a place where graphic designers and illustrators can create something new, display it to the world, see the thought processes of others, and give and receive feedback. The whole idea is to innovate, experiment, and connect.
Vote Time

The sale of on sitepoint caught Roger’s eye recently and again proved to him that people are just in it for the money, so he decided to give it a go. The end result votetime. quality controlled link’s for the designer’s by the designer’s head over set yourself up upload your avatar and submit some links! Couldn’t be easier! And best of all it’s in beta so it must be good!

The Creativity Wall

The Creativity Wall has been made to showcase design articles from all over the world, including articles about Inspiration, Resources and Tutorials. This website has just started so it has a long way to go but will gradually get better and better. Go ahead and submit your own links.


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