Paid Services / Creative Freelance Series

This is the continuation of the Creative Freelance Series (part 4) on Paid Services (Non Management) . If you missed (part 1) on Project Management & Contacts, (part 2) Invoicing, Time Tracking & Contracts, or (part 3) Collaboration & Proofing/Approval, feel free to have a read and comment.

This is broken up into 4 parts and to make this a useful article, I am asking the creative community to participate as much as possible to gain insight into the applications/process you use and/or even worth paying for. Your answers don’t have to be long just concise. Of course I will weigh in with what I use (in the comments below).

The first 3 parts received detailed responses with some very helpful information. I hope you’ll continue to weigh in with parts 4!

The 4 Essential Parts:

1. Project Management & Contacts
2. Invoicing, Time Tracking & Contracts
3. Collaboration & Proofing
4. Paid Services (non-management)

4. Paid Services

Can be a paid web app or a paid app that you host yourself.
*Feel free to include services like hosting, domain names, basecamp – by (non-management I mean the focus of this article is not just management apps).

a. Which online paid Services do you use? (Ex. Flickr Pro, PSDtuts)
b. How much do the services cost a month or per year?
c. Do you prefer up front or small reoccurring costs?


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