Premium News Evolves into WooThemes

Looking for some Premium Wordpress Themes? Oh-and you want them to be hot and fresh? Well then look no further – WooThemes has you covered.

WooThemes is the brain child of 4 respected Wordpress website designers – Adii, Magnus Jepson, Mark Forrester and Elliot Jay Stocks. You will find some of the most cutting edge Wordpress templates packed full of features, along with clean layouts, slick color palettes and neat typography. What is amazing that I haven’t seen done before – they take their support forum one step further. They have introduced theme tutorials as well, which in my opinion is awesome -as a designer who wants to learn more about Wordpress, this is a great feature.

WooThemes has some great themes to choose from plus two new themes, ProudFolio & VibrantCMS. They didn’t stop there, they have included some clever coding which effectively turns one WP template into two different features i.e. a blog & a portfolio. The best thing is that can be managed from within their newly designed custom theme options backend!

You can choose to purchase one theme just as you always have. They have also included other options so you don’t have to make your mind up about buying just one premium template, you can become a Club Member and get access to all of the current & future themes; thus making the decision of which of our great themes you’d like to use, so much easier! They currently have 4 different subscription packages available and you can read more about that here.

What are you waiting for? Go over and check WooThemes out!


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