$500 Contest: Design a Funny 2012 Presidential Campaign Logo


It’s campaign time in the US, and we all know what that means: we’re in for a circus more entertaining than Cirque du Soleil and more ridiculous than Bozo the Clown. You might even think all your news channels are redirecting to Comedy Central.

One of the best examples of late is the so-called Dog-gate, in which pundits tried to sway the debate on who should run the power with the largest economy and military in the world based on Mitt Romney’s treatment of the family dog in the 80s, revolving around an incident involving a dog who couldn’t control his bowel while surfing on the car roof. Not to mention the Republican rebuttal over Obama’s admission that he’d eaten dog as a six-year-old in Indonesia.

Since we’re always looking for ways to give designers money and we love a good laugh, we decided this was cause for a competition. We want you to come up with your own humorous “Presidential Running Pairs” — whether its Romney and his dog Seamus or one of your own invention — and knock up some funny logos for them.

How to Play

It’s simple: design a logo for one of the presidential candidates and their humorous running mate and submit it. You can do this as many times as you want over the course of the contest. We’re using the DesignCrowd contest platform to run this, so you’ll need to create a designer account there and submit your logo to the contest.

Click here for the DesignCrowd contest page.

We’ll share the logos submitted with our readers and may use impressive submissions to promote the contest, but rest assured that this is a contest for fun only and these logo designs will not be used for any commercial purpose and will remain the intellectual property of the designer.

The Prize

We could offer you an Xbox or a Wacom tablet or something fun and nifty like that — but we know you probably just want a new chair or to pay that overdue phone bill. So, we’re offering good old cash to the designer of the best logo, as voted on by the FUEL staff. The first place prize is $300.

For the $200 second place prize, designers will need to post a link to their logo on the Fuel Your Creativity Facebook page. The prize will go to the designer who garners the most likes. Make sure to get your friends and family voting for you!

The winner will receive their prize money via DesignCrowd when the winner and runners-up are announced.

Dog’s face image via Shutterstock.


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