UPDATED: Winner Announced: Recycled Vinyl Showcase with a Spinning Hat Giveaway

It really is not much of a secret that Angie and I have been accused on occasion of airing on the side of the tree-huggers, and if it was a secret, well it’s not much of one now. But we got to thinking the other day while visiting my parents about old records. And we are not talking about records like my still unbroken record of the number of times a little brother can outsmart his older brother, and in turn be subjected to a retaliatory act of violence. I’m smarter, he’s a hitter, but that’s not the kind of records we are speaking of. We are talking LP’s, not RAV’s here, kiddies, so strap those wonderful wayback wheels on to your dancing shoes and lets rock ’n roll! (sorry, I was channeling a little Dr. Johnny Fever there for a moment, but I’m much better now)


During the visit we were looking at my dad’s record collection, which has become more of a museum showcase than a music library since both time and my parents have moved on towards the CD and digital era. With our hippie hats on our collective heads we began wondering about what could be done with these vikings of vinyl when they would rock, but no longer roll. Surely there had to be a creative way to institute a little of the three ‘R’s’ of the tree hugger’s environmental code to this scenario. Reduce was taken care of since the ’rents were not really buying any new LP’s, but what about Re-use or Recycle? Could there be a way to do that? That’s when it hit us. We knew if anyone had figured out a way to do it, and do it with style, it was the design world!


So that is where we turned, and by the rock-gods, we were not disappointed! It was decided then that we would showcase some of these original re-imaginings of old records from some truly green creative minds! To add to that, we contacted one of the online retailers that carry a line of these Recycled Vinyl products and they have agreed to give away one of each of their vinyl designs to one of the readers of FYC! So a big thanks to the folks over at Spinning Hat for hooking up one lucky commenter with their set of Recycled Vinyl which we will feature and talk about more at the bottom of the post. So without further ado, lets get the wheels spinning on this rockin’ Recycled Vinyl Showcase and giveaway.

Let the Records Show

The following products range from wallets to tables, from jewelry to canvases, and more all created using old record albums to transform their creations into functional green designs. Enjoy.










The Spinning Hat Vinyl Collection

The following items are part of the eclectic, original designs from Spinning Hat’s online catalog. This range of inspired recycled vinyl items below are included in the giveaway.






The Giveaway Details

In order to receive the free set of Recycled Vinyl products from the Spinning Hat catalog that we just showed you, all you need to do is simply comment below and state one environmentally conscious act you have done recently or plan to do soon. After one week, we will randomly select the winner from the pool of responders and one lucky reader will walk away with the fabulous set of graciously donated Spinning Hat items that get the happy hippie seal of green approval!

Spinning Hat, an online vendor of creative designer products, helped make this post possible. We want to thank the entire team over there, and especially Jon for connecting and coordinating the giveaway with us. Remember to get your comment in to win this set of their creative green-minded gear.

Spinning Hat is a gift design company. We invent fun product concepts, and transform these creative ideas into exciting new consumer products.


Congratulations to Lauren for winning the recycled vinyl collection from Spinning Hat. You should be receiving an email from them soon.

Rob is the talented author and graphic designer, celebrated podcaster and poet, who is now the co-editor and imaginative co-contributor of Fuel Your Creativity. With a background working through most areas of the arts, Rob works from a creative wellspring that shows no signs of running dry.


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