Stellar Examples of Minimal Logos

In a world so inundated with information, an effective motto to adopt as a graphic designer is “less is more.” This minimalist mindset can set your logo designs apart from those of your competitors and help you create modern corporate identities for your clients. Here are 10 examples of masterful logos that make full use of the minimalism principles.

1. Missing – Admix Designs


Created by Joe Prince of Admix Designs, the logo plays with the company’s name by excluding each ‘i’ in Missing. By taking a moment to determine how a company’s name can best be utilized in a logo, you can achieve unexpected results.

2. Walk – Optimodo


The use of calming colors and relaxed typeface creates the perfect identity for Walk. The clever thought of creating the ‘A’ from a pair of legs adds to the logo’s overall effectiveness.

3. Folder – Rokac


This logo for a software company effectively utilizes optical illusions while adhering to minimalist design principles. The Folder logo shows how a little creativity can create more with less.

4. Unarmed – Admix Designs


Although Admix Designs was already mentioned in this list with the Missing logo, Joe Prince’s mastery of the minimalist trend has earned him another spot with the design for Unarmed. A clever play on words invokes a chuckle from viewers while they marvel at the design’s simplicity.

5. Bipolar – Siah Design


Many minimalist designers transform basic elements into effective corporate branding techniques as evidenced in the Bipolar logo. Extravagant illustrations and flashy colors are tossed aside, leaving only the bare essentials.

6. Height – Strizhart


This design by Strizhart is another example of how one can effectively use simple black and white graphics. An understanding of optical illusion principles also leads to wonderful displays of creativity.

7. Pelican – ru_ferret


The use of modern text and clever use of typography led to this wonderful logo by ru_ferret. As with many other minimalist designs in this list, the Pelican logo makes use of full negative space.

8. Love Clip – Designabot


Not all minimalist logos must be displayed in black and white or subtle colors as shown by the Love Clip design. This perfectly pink logo makes full use of the company’s name by taking a more playful approach to minimalist elements.

9. Sex Lovers – Brigada Creativa


People say sex sells but if it doesn’t, this logo will surely get the job done. Without being vulgar or over the top, the Sex Lovers logo achieves its purpose by holding the viewer’s attention and showing the sexier side of minimalism.

10. CodeFish – Mabu


By invoking a little programmer humor, the CodeFish logo speaks directly to its intended audience with a clever use of coding symbols. Whose says programmers don’t have a sense of humor?

These 10 examples show the true power of minimalism and how this movement matches the needs of the modern consumer. This trend may initially be difficult to incorporate into your designs, but stick with it. As you play with minimalism, you will become more effective at utilizing white space and will learn how this emptiness helps rather than hinders a design’s effectiveness.

Jennifer Moline is a writer for PsPrint and the PsPrint Design Blog. PsPrint is an online commercial printing company.


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