The Best Adobe Air Apps to Increase Productivity

One of the greatest elements to Adobe Air is its cross platform capabilities allowing the apps run through its framework to be accessible on all three major operating systems (Windows, Linux & Mac). Not only did this open the door for app junkies everywhere to rejoice, but now this framework has given the productivity minded a few reasons to shout as well! This is a list of go to apps to keep you productive regardless of what OS you are beholden to.


Even if productivity is not quite your forte, those of us in the freelancing forum always need ways to keep our minds on the current tasks at hand, and our focus in a fixed range. So the following apps can prove beneficial in these instances as well, so it may behoove you to take a gander through what we have gathered here.

In order to use the apps listed below, you will need to first install Adobe Air.

Focus Booster


The Pomodoro Technique is a time management technique that works great for anyone who needs help in focusing on a single project as well as those of us who have trouble stopping to take breaks, you can easily give it a try yourself by downloading the free ebook and taking it for the proverbial spin. Focus Booster is an outstanding Air app designed to help you keep track of your Pomodoro sessions. Whether you use the Pomodoro technique or something a bit different, this app will help you enhance your focus and productivity.



Klok is a time tracking app with a lovely user interface giving you a clear look at how much time you spend on specific projects as well as helping you estimate time frames for future tasks. With the ability to enter notes on projects, adjust times, create subtasks, retrieve accidentally deleted items and view full featured reports, this is a fantastic full service app to keep track of where you are spending your time, and perhaps more importantly, where you aren’t.



MiniTask is a great to do app to keep track of minor lists. It seems more fit for the immediate to-dos, and is really good for use as a secondary app covering what you need to do this week and today. Having a small to do list, separate from your more comprehensive lists, that tells you exactly what you need to focus on now is very beneficial. Featuring drag and drop reorder, reminder alarms, separator headers and a variety of keyboard shortcuts, MiniTask can really help keep you on track and focusing on those tasks that need to stay in the forefront of your mind, and cannot afford to be back-burnered.

If you prefer to use the David Allen GTD method then finding a great app for Windows can prove to be a daunting task. Personally we have tried so many great Mac apps, but for those who prefer to work primarily on a PC, choices are seriously lacking. was a dream come true. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t to fully implement GTD.

The only downsides to this app is that there are a few stability issues that still need to be worked out and it is currently only available for Windows & Mac, no Linux version yet. So for another option there is:



GTD-R is another option for GTD on Windows. Not only does it lack a few of the features that has, but it also lacks the clean UI users are used to. Though it is a bit more stable and available for Linux.

Remember the Milk Notifier


If you use Remember the Milk for your to do list, then Remember the Milk Notifier is a must. Okay, so must might be a bit strong for some, but it is definitely a decent addon that can enhance your overall use of the Milk. Unfortunately this is another app that is not quite available for Linux yet, but they are working on it. In the mean time, if you need a RTM solution for Linux, you may want to check out Tasque, though this is not an AIR app.

In Closing

If we missed any must try productivity apps please comment and let us know. And if you know of a great GTD app for Windows, please recommend it even if it is not an Adobe Air app.

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