The Best Flickr Groups to Find Minimal Design Inspiration

A major movement in the fields of photography and design is a call for minimalism. The major viewpoint of this trend is that, when it comes to art, less is more. In a world packed with overwhelming information sources competing for attention, consumers are bombarded by countless images each day. The minimalist movement argues that, when content is stripped to the bare essentials, it can more effectively catch the viewer’s attention and speak directly to their senses rather than overwhelming them with information. While advocates of this movement can be found throughout the Internet, one of the best locations to learn more and become a member is within Flickr groups. Here are the top 10 Flickr groups dedicated to the minimalist movement that you will likely find useful.

1. Elegantly Minimal


This Flickr group advocates that photos can still be elegant while advocating minimalism. All photo subjects are included in this group as long as they adhere to the minimalist requirements.

2. True Minimal


The True Minimal group advocates art that is stripped down to the bare essentials. This group is all about the sentiment that less truly is more.

3. Minimal Black & White


The Minimal Black & White group takes photographs back to their days of infancy by only allowing black and white shots. In a world so inundated with color, this group can be a refreshing escape.

4. Minimal Corner


The minimalist movement can take many turns and that includes having a group dedicated completely to the art of corners.

5. Minimal Color


Minimalism isn’t only about stripping designs down to their essentials concerning subject matter. The Minimal Color Flickr group embraces minimalism in color and includes wonderful displays of strategic color usage.

6. COM-Minimal


The COM-Minimal Flickr group includes both wonderful minimalist photos and enriching discussions regarding this design trend. While most Flickr groups only allow the posting of minimalist photos, this group provides a refreshing alternative to also join well-rounded minimalist conversations.

7. Minimal Flowers


As the name states, the Minimal Flowers group only allows simplistic, beautiful images of flowers. This is a great group for those who are primarily interested in photographing the natural world.

8. Animals in B/W, Sepia, & Minimal Color


This group is for the animal lovers on Flickr who are also fans of the minimalist movement. View animals in their most natural settings as they are meant to be seen.

9. Minimal Intervention in Photos


The Minimal Intervention in Photos community is a wonderful break from today’s trend of over processed photos with photo editing software. Only naturally shot photographs are allowed here.

10. Minimal Art [no people, no life]


The Minimal Art [no people, no life] group takes people and all life forms out of the minimalist movement by only allowing photos of lifeless elements such as buildings and furniture.

In a world inundated with information, the best option you have to stand apart from the massive crowds is to strip your designs and photography to the essentials. This minimalism in art will be a refreshing sight for your design viewers and will be more likely to grab and hold their attention.

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