The ‘Drifting Creatives’ designing their way across the country?

Who is designing where?!

What’s all this talk about the ‘Drifting Creatives‘ floating around on twitter & facebook

Come to find out, Gavin Braman & Martin Hooper are pretty cool guys trying to solve a common problem in this economy; joblessness. Here at the Fuel Brand Group we support a growing network of creatives. As soon as we heard about them and what they are trying to do (not to mention some cool ideas they are brewing too!) we wanted to support them by sponsoring the Drifting Creatives & help spread the word across the community.


Ok guys…What’s the deal?

After we graduated we thought we were done with school. Wrong. We both love design and we realize that there is so much to learn still. Since neither one of us had a job at the time, we decided we should try and design our way across the country, soaking every experience up along the way. We have been designing for smaller businesses that may not have access to big design firms. We don’t charge much because all we need is food/gas and a place to sleep. There are amazing designers all over the world. We want to meet them all. We would love to talk with them and work with them on cool projects or…even not-so cool projects. We don’t mind. And then maybe they can let us sleep on their couch.

-Gavin & Martin



What is your plan of attack? I mean-everyone has a plan, don’t they?

This is our current plan (as of today) which is highly subject to change! Check out the projected routeIf you have a couch, job or you just want to hang out, get in touch

Who came up with this idea?

The initial idea originated with Martin, after touring with his band, touring as a designer seemed like an easy transition. After Martin suggested the idea, I immediately jumped on board. Together the idea grew into something bigger than either of us could have imagined. The planning process accelerated at a ridiculous rate. There was about a week and a half from the original suggestion to the website being launched and the trip starting. -Gavin

What are your goals when the drifting creatives comes to an end? 

When this experiment ends it just means our location will be a little more consistent. We are going to keep designing and learning and spreading design love to whoever we can help. We hope that this experience will help us grow as designers. We hope it will help us grow as people, but mostly we hope we can share something valuable with everyone around us. -Gavin & Martin

Are you just using this experiment to meet people and design cool stuff or solve a bigger issue?

Of course we are trying to design cool stuff, but really we want to help people out. Right now we are sitting inside “Texarkana’s Oldest Mexican Cafe…” We are doing a website for Rosa, the owner. This is what it is about, meeting real people, helping them with design and sharing it with whoever is interested. It is one huge learning experience. -Gavin 

What tools do you desperately need out on the road that you don’t have right now?

Internet would be the number one thing. We both have pretty old-school phones, iphones would help us stay organized/plugged in. Power Inverter, keeping our electronics charged is tough. A scanner. Our flip camera is about 4 years old. Not sure how much longer it has.  Martin somehow deleted his photoshop and dreamweaver and now his trial version is running out ;) -Gavin



Somehow they find the time to also create some kick ass videos & typography showcases of each town they go to. I recommend checking them out, very inspiring!


We hope the Fuel community can help spread the word! We think what Gavin & Martin are doing is an awesome, eye-opening experience that everyone can watch and learn from. Stay tuned for more of the Drifting Creatives, we hope to bring you guys some pretty cool things in the near future!

Adelle + Fuel Team!



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