The New ‘Outlaw Design Blog’ Exclusive Sneak Peak & a Fantastic Giveaway to Celebrate!

Today we have an exclusive sneak preview of the fantastic redesign of Outlaw Design Blog. Danny Outlaw shares his new ideas for the site and why he decided to make the change. 

I personally think the redesign is fantastic, as always there are some things I would change but most of it is personal preference. I love his attention to detail in these previews, especially the background design and comments along with the icon details in the sidebar. I’ve always enjoyed the content on Danny’s blog and from what I can see, it’s about to get even better!

Why did you start Outlaw Design Blog?


I started Outlaw Design Blog because I wanted to share my skills, opinions, and thoughts on the business of design. While a traditional blog helps do this, it is only one of the many tools out there for sharing such things. Now that the web and its users are more accustom to finding information in a variety of formats, I decided it was time to raise the standards and start offering information in a variety of multimedia formats.

It is really this interest in multimedia sharing that really sparked the fire for the re-launch.

When Outlaw Design Blog was just a thought, the idea was to create a “super blog” that was a combination of Freelance Switch, PSD tuts, and Smashing Magazine. I never really came close to create such a blog in the past, but this relaunch should change all that.

What inspired such a huge relaunch?

To put it simply, I always a bit unhappy with past versions of Outlaw Design Blog. While the designs them self weren’t bad, I just didnt feel they helped me contribute to the community as much as I wanted to.

What cool features can we expect to see in the relaunch?

One feature that will play a large part of the new Outlaw Design Blog is one that I have already started playing with a bit and that is video. I am planning on making video a part of as many posts as possible in the future. Everyone learns in their own way; some people learn better by reading, other by hearing or seeing. For this reason, I want to add video, text, and possibly audio for every post that can handle it. After the relaunch, and as my video editing skills improve, the videos should become a little more professional looking and less like home videos.

Aside from regular videos for posts, I am working on doing a semi-regular video with David Leggett from Tutorial9 which should be awesome.

Another feature that I am really excited about is the Outlaw Design Podcast. I am working with Andrew Lindstrom from the Well Medicated Blog to create a podcast with a few other panel members including David from Tutorial9. The podcast will be monthly and cover a variety of topics the freelance creative should appreciate.




Anything else you’d like to share?

I have also been building up a collection of high quality stuff to give away. You can expect to see everything from hi-res textures to premium Wordpress themes. I have been working on building up a collection of Photoshop Tutorials. So you can expect to see anywhere from 2 to 4 Photoshop tutorials a month. I am also working one finding some developers to work with to create some top notch web tutorials for designers.


This new design also has an entire section dedicated to review of products and software that creatives are interested in. On these types of posts, readers will be able to read my review, write thier own, and read others review of the product. There will also be a link to purchase the product, as well as compare prices on it.


We are as excited about this relaunch as Outlaw Design Blog, and because of that we wanted to give back to the creative community for all their support! 

Click here to see a full size preview of the design.

The Giveaway:

  • 1 Full year of Hosting with WP Web Host
  • 3 Copies of Tweesage
  • 2 Accounts to Six Central App
  • 1 Things App license for both the Mac and iPhone
  • 1 3 Month membership to
  • 1 6 month credit to Foxy Cart
  • 1 Free subscription to Jump Cart
  • 1 Month Free to the TimeSvr Personal Service
  • 3 copies of the Ideal Icon pack and one full bundle of all RapidWeaver themes

The Rules:

  • Tell us what you think about the redesign in the comments below. *Required
  • If you have a Twitter account, please do share the sneak peek with your fellow creatives! (Not required of course).
  • Winners will be chosen on the official launch of the new Outlaw Design Blog. 


Congrats to the winners! Everyone will be contacted via email.


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