The Traditional Online Logo Design Service Can’t Keep Up! Crowdsourcing Steams Ahead

By Clancy Clarke

The Traditional online logo design service is dead! There are no two ways about it – crowdsourcing design has disrupted the market, both from an agency point of view and for all those logo template sites.

In 2014, using a design agency to create a bespoke logo for your company is outrageous! Just think about it, think of all the steps required and the time it takes to get the design job done. If you’re not familiar with the process, it usually looks something like this:

  1. Find a design agency
  2. This often means hours of Google searching and trawling, looking for an agency that is both close to you and meets your requirements. You then have to browse through all their previous logo work, often to find that the style they produce might not suit your needs.

  3. Write the brief
  4. Writing the brief with an agency, isn’t really just “writing the brief”. The process is long and drawn out, with many face to face meetings which often waste peoples time and money – we know small businesses don’t have time for wishy washy meetings!

  5. The concept
  6. Before you are even presented with a logo design, a design agency will often present you with a logo concept, if you’re lucky there might be two or three concepts. Unfortunately, because there is often only one designer working on your logo design project, the concepts often lack diversity and individuality (compared to each other).

  7. The logo design
  8. Once you’ve picked a logo concept and provided feedback on the design, an agency will then develop a final logo design. The final design can take weeks to produce – not taking into account your feedback and revision time
    As you can see, those steps only scrape the surface of what’s actually involved in getting a logo designed with an agency. Many agencies claim that this process is beneficial for clients; however this is often not the case when both time and money are in short supply.

So, on the other end of the spectrum are logo templates – jump onto an online logo design service and choose a pre-made logo template. This seems like a smart choice for small businesses as its often quick, easy and cheap – however there is one thing that is often left out – the horrible design!

Online logo design service lack the ability to offer any form of creativity, individuality or personalisation to logo design. If you want something that’s going to represent your brand and make your business stand out – then you’ll need a custom logo design.

So, why would you choose logo crowdsourcing over one of the other options? We’ll for the exact opposite reasons to those above.

  1. Thousands of designers
  2. At DesignCrowd, thousands of designers from around the world can compete for your logo design – removing the need to search high and low for an agency. Additionally, because DesignCrowd offers a complete crowdsourcing platform, you can work with international designers; location is definitely not a barrier for crowdsourcing.

  3. Creativity
  4. The saying goes “many hands make light work” – well the same goes with logo crowdsourcing. When you have a team of professional designers from around the world all working on your design project, you can expect only the most creative logo designs. For designers to win logo contests, they need to create beautiful designs that customers will love – and this means creativity!

  5. Writing the brief
  6. Sure, you still have to write a good brief to get great results – but how about we remove all those fiddly steps in-between. Simply put down the logos that inspire you, what your company does, what values your business holds and how you would like customers to see you. Make some colour suggestions and let the team of designers work their magic. Each designer will interpret your brief differently, but this is the beauty of crowdsourcing – you get designs and ideas that you would have never dreamt of yourself.

So, what do you plan on doing when you need a new logo? If you’re keen to discover the benefits of crowdsourcing, use this DesignCrowd Coupon and get 50% of project posting fees!


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