Three Resources for Awesome Freebies

Freebies and open source content are some of the best things we can run across as creatives. These help out in a pinch, sometimes are great starts to making a document or design and help save time. Some really great and inspiring things are coming from 365PSD, The League of Movable Type and Iconpaper. These three sites are tremendously different but each is unique and shares some amazing content.

365 PSD


Now, if the name alone “365 PSD” hasn’t got you excited it should… 365PSD makes as you would guess a free PSD everyday for an entire year. The quality of free layered files that are being given away is amazing. There are some pixel perfect icons, navigation buttons and full site layouts as well as full iPhone app layouts. This is a site that is fast becoming a daily stop for many creatives. Whether you use the PSD’s to learn how the pro’s make their files or you just want some extra beef to throw into that new design you should go check out

The League of Moveable Type


The League of Movable Type has banned together to once and for all cut through the crap and make free, good, open source fonts for all. The best part about this is that they are @font-face ready. These fonts are must downloads especially if you are trying to trim some cost of a design or just want some amazing rockin’ fonts. If you think that their awesome (which they are) you can join in the collaboration.



Iconpaper brings you some amazing icons, wallpapers, dock themes, and everything in between. The guys curating iconpaper are all over the place trying to find the best content and update for you daily. They’ve had some amazing background as well as icons that have adorned my computer several times. So, whether you need some inspiration, an awesome new icon for your computer or just something to mull through, check out Iconpaper you’ll be happy you did.

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