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Last week I found tutsearch.net on twitter. I thought is was such a great site – but there wasn’t too much info on it so I decided to contact them to get some more info. I thought the FYC readers could definitely benefit from this site.
Art Webb (designer/developer of tutsearch.net) is an Art Director at an ad agency called 93 Octane in Richmond, VA. Here is a quick Q&A and if your interested stop by tutsearch.net and test it for yourself. You can also submit a site.
When did tutsearch.net start?

It went live  September 1, 2008. The main functionality is finished but I still want to add a little more.

Did you create/design and develop it yourself?

I design and created it by myself but I have to give a shout out to Chris Coyier at css-tricks.com. I watched one of his tutorials on creating a custom google search engine for a website and just took the idea and ran with it.

What was the basic thought behind starting tutsearch.net?

I am always bookmarking tutorials and I wanted an easier way of keeping track of them. So instead of going to each tutorials site that I had bookmarked and try to find the tutorial I wanted. I thought it would be easier just to create a search engine that searched all of my favorite sites at once.

How many sites are currently in the database to search?

Currently 80 and growing everyday.

Which sites are currently listed?

The big boys are there like psdtuts.com, nettuts.com, css-tricks.com and etc but if I find a small site or just a
single tutorial I will include it.

How did you choose them to get started?

I choose tutorials and sites that I actually find useful. They literally are  hand picked by me.

Thanks so much for letting us get to know a little more about your new site Art!


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