Uncoverr: Interviews, Reviews and Books

Uncoverring the Web, one interview, one review, and one book at a time.

Uncoverr is a new site that has recently launched by Lachy Groom. It’s a great resource to check out and quickly find books, reviews and interviews with authors.



  • Recently launched but has plenty of content
  • Scored some great interviews
  • Overall a solid site with plenty of room to grow
  • On my list of sites to watch this year
  • Great picks and “Newest Titles” right up front
  • Already a nice list of growing categories


  • No “About” Page
  • No “Contact” Page or email that I could easily find
  • Needs some sort of “dropdown menu” to quickly get to categories

Things to Check Out:

Currently Seeking:

Uncoverr is currently looking for people to write reviews, if you’re interested – you can email them at lachyg (at) me (dot) com

Overall I can’t wait to see how this site progresses in the coming months. Should be a great solid site to check out and subscribe to.

Let me know what you guys think!


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