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Using Creativity to Empower

In the constant ins & outs of new technology, creativity and being on the edge it’s refreshing to see something that touches you, makes you think or brings a tear to your eye. Cancer has touched every person at some point in their life, be it a friend, a family member or just being part of an cancer aware society.  Jigsaw a creative group based out of Milwaukee came up with an interactive exhibit at St. Vincents Regional Cancer Center at St. Mary’s Hospital where 7,000 guests could engage with a 45′ X 7′ rear-projecting interactive wall. Guests could walk by the wall, engage with hundreds of hand written messages drifting around the color changing field. Guests could then us a stylus to write a message of hope on a kiosk which would be re-written on the wall. This wall was a living, breathing organism. Some of the messages would read “Hope is a smile on a child’s face,” “Hope is another year with my mom”, “Hope is my family”. This exhibit blurs the line between a creative campaign and makes an emotional connection with each member that views it, breathes it or lives in the space it is in.

“The idea behind the project was to create a community to fight cancer together online and offline,”Jennifer Kuhn, an Art Director at Jigsaw who worked on the project said. “We didn’t focus on technology, but to utilize technology to create an emotional and environmental experience that unites everyone whose life has been changed by cancer.”


The messages submitted during the event are displayed in their original handwriting on an experiential minisite which was launched last week. The “Hope Is___” site invites people to share their message of hope with the community and read other inspirational messages that individuals have submitted during the event or directly on the website. The project will soon be finalized with a traveling mini version of the interactive wall. The travel exhibit will be seen at cancer walks, cancer screening in schools and other cancer-related events in Northeastern Wisconsin. All messages entered during the exhibit will be saved on a server and automatically be fed to the minisite.


“Hope means different things to different people and we wanted to give them an opportunity to share their messages of hope,” Miguel Jasniewski, an interactive director at Jigsaw, said. “Partnering with Adobe’s Experience Design team helped us with the execution of the project and allowed us to bring this great idea to life.”


Designer, Maker of Things | Creative Director – @boomtownroi You should follow him on twitter @chadengle .


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