When Interiors Attack: When Your Feng Shui, Feng Shouldn’t

Design is an eclectic field that has many wonderfully creative facets for the creative community to explore. One area that often gets overlooked by a portion of designers, is interior design. Not only is this a vibrant slice of the design pie, but a much more important slice than most conceive it being. A tasty, filling slice to be sure, but there is a functionality that some people do not realize this piece of the pie can fulfill. (…huh, now I want some pie. But I digress.)


When it comes to creativity, most people would accept the analogy of the creative flow. An energetic form that moves through areas, people and design to inspire and move you towards making that creative leap or simply move you on to the next step in your process. Either way, it is generally accepted that the creative flow is an important element in the overall scheme of design. However, some do not realize that they may be acting to hinder that flow without intending to, because as we said, the flow moves through areas. Areas like your office or workspace.


Keeping the area where you work designed to maximize your creative flow is a responsibility people may be skimping on, but to be fair, they may not realize that this is the case. Honestly, unlike with Feng Shui, there are no specific guidelines set to help improve this flow, for it affects us all individually. The precise setup that we have in our office space, may not exactly keep your creative juices stirring, but for us it works in spades. Our environments play major developmental roles in our lives as we grow and learn, and this idea, is merely an extension of this concept.

Inspiring art, musical immersion, and so many other little elements come together for us to keep the creative flow running wildly through our offices, and keep us in that imaginative mindset. For anyone working in a creative field, the interiors where we hang our work hat, function to fuel and feed us the energy and inspiration we need to fill the shoes of a creative. Making sure that these environs are not working against us, but in tune with us, is a key to the process that interior designers have clued in on and the rest of us need to give this devil its due as well.


Now this is not something that we all have the means, and in some cases the ability, to do anything about. At least not in an immediate, overhauling kind of way, but never fear. This flow can be fueled little by little as you discover which elements you need to alter to fix it. Small changes to your office interior can have monumentally creative impacts, and it is something that we all have to experiment with to find the fit for the our own flow. As we stated earlier, there is no structured set of guidelines for us to follow, because each of us is inspired differently. Here’s hoping that you can find yours!

Your Turn

What elements have you included in the design of your interior to fuel your creativity?

Rob is the talented author and graphic designer, celebrated podcaster and poet, who is now the co-editor and imaginative co-contributor of Fuel Your Creativity. With a background working through most areas of the arts, Rob works from a creative wellspring that shows no signs of running dry.


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