Witty Ads Based on the Social Shopping Experience

logoIf you’ve ever purchased anything through an online distributor chances are you’ve seen the slogan “people who bought this item also bought…”.

Y&R in Dubai, UAE capitalizes on shopping suggestions by creating a simple and strong campaign for Harvey Nichols which is based off an idea that the fashion is so compelling that the fashionistas have had to purchase “deterrents” to keep others at bay or other additives to counter-act the side-effects of great fashion.

The campaign uses simple elements: fashion photography, products: (pills, defibrillator, pepper spray, self help book) as well as a calm color palette that still has a luxurious feel. Through it’s wonderful simplicity the campaign is able to keep a concise mark on it’s messaging. However, there are a couple designs that are not nearly as well executed as others. The messaging takes longer for the viewer to grab if they even make the relation. The campaign has a great core message that is witty, clean and for the most part easy to relate. Want more? Check-out Ads of the World for more information on the campaign.


HN Sickness A2.ai

HN Sickness A2.ai

HN Sickness A2.ai



HN Sickness A2.ai

HN Sickness A2.ai







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