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Worksy: smart business tools for creatives and their customers


The team behind Worksy has been hard at work on their product for a couple of years now, but it was only recently that it was ready to go into public beta. The Next Web covered the end of Worksy’s stealth mode at the end of March.

Worksy is a platform that gives businesses everything they need to operate online, handling everything from their website to email, documents, contacts and more.

It provides everything creatives need to manage their freelancers and collaborate with clients — and for most creatives, there’ll never be a reason to pay a cent for the service.

Built on open source

Worksy is built on a range of these open source apps, such as Joomla, Alfresco and eGroupware. Worksy has simplified and integrated them, presenting them as one package. It’s by no means a simple appropriation of the open source work but something that will make the great work done by the open source developers meaningful for a wider audience. – it did take two years to give them all a consistent, user-friendly interface and get them working together as if they were developed to be one business management package.

There are many open source applications out there that anyone can install on their server and benefit from for free. The problem is that most people don’t know about open source applications or installing them on their server. Even then, a toolkit put together from these projects can be overwhelming for the average user when many enterprise packages integrate a variety of business functions in one place.

CEO and co-founder Mikkel Kinnerup told me:

Small business owner and freelancers are often so overwhelmed with all the things they have to do, that they don’t have time to get the tools in place that potentially could save them from a lot of hassle in the first place. These tools, when they are setup right, can save businesses a lot of time. The problem is that small businesses often don’t have the resources to find, install, maintain and integrate all the tools and they often end up with halfway solutions.

With Worksy, keeping track is made a lot easier for non-techies.

So while big businesses may have their CRM systems, their file servers, and expensive websites, small businesses can get all the features they need for a fraction of the cost and without the hassle and fully-fledged IT staff required to maintain all of the above.

It goes further than integration, with Worksy adding to many of the packages. All the configuration is done for you, wizards have been added for processes that used to be tricky, and they’ve included a stash of professionally designed web templates for your company website.

Use it with your customers

Worksy is not only a platform for your internal use. It’s also a platform that allows you to create groups for sharing content with people you are working with outside your team. Bringing along the tools, you use yourself, to your customers, makes working on a project with them much easier. Everything can be shared: contacts, activities, documents and even websites.


Worksy has both a free and a paid version, but unless you are team of more than 3, the free should do just fine. Click here to try out Worksy.


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