Zero Inbox Strategy > for Bookmarks?

I have over 200 items starred in my google reader. I have over 300 bookmarks, that I “think” I will go back to residing in my firefox toolbar. But who can find anything up there?! I had them all organized at one point but I just kept adding more! THEN I saw that everyone was using social sites / social bookmarking. (I think there may be over 20+ popular bookmarking sites. Which one is the best?

What IS the best way to go about organizing all this information? I really need to find one solid way and stick to it. I have 3 computers that I work on during the day and they are all currently syncing with Foxmarks on Firefox. < That is a great plugin!

Almost like the “Zero Inbox Strategyby 43 folders, (which works btw) I need something similar for my bookmarks!

Does any one have something that works perfect for bookmarking?


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